#StarWars Tweets Special Edition: #TheForceAwakens teaser trailer (Part 2)

@Paul_Gandersman: So we're all in agreement that the FORCE AWAKENS trailer is the best movie of 2014, right? Right.

The tweets are coming so fast and furious that it just didn’t feel right to hold onto them for another week or two. So here’s the second batch from the weekend! Part 1, from Friday only, is just back that way.

Intriguing theories

The light side

The dark side

The Millennium Falcon…



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  1. Just a quick note from someone you don’t know to let you know how much your site and the work you are doing is appreciated. I’ve been a fan since the OT and Club Jade is the only site I am following (aside from sw.com) in the build up to TFA. You provide comprehensive coverage with warmth, humor, genuine enthusiasm, and sarcasm that pokes holes in all the right bubbles. Thanks for providing the reasonable fan’s guide to SW, and thanks for putting in the hours to allow people like me to keep up with what’s going on without the spoilers or nastiness.

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