#StarWars Tweets Special Edition: Disney buys Lucasfilm

Today, the internet exploded. So why wait?

Best #StarWars tweets Special Edition: DISNEY BUYS LUCASFILM

The day the internet exploded.

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Wonder if they will need any Obi-Wan Hologram action??!#ep7 #donthecloakagain #thesearenotthedroidsyourlookingfor#movealongmovalongEwan McGregor
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and then went to Twitter to talk about it.Becky Chambers
Star Wars is forever! http://twitpic.com/b8wogdRancho Obi-Wan
Pixar to Lucasfilm: "We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now *I* am the master."Random_Tangent
When I woke up this morning, I thought, ‘Man, I hope I get some tacos today,’ but I got Star Wars instead.Joey Esposito
I wonder whether Disney acquiring ILM has more actual potential to be interesting than its acquisition of the Star Wars franchise.Linda Holmes
Well, Disney NEVER re-releases old TV stuff, so this probably does NOT mean we’ll finally get Star Wars Holiday Special in good quality.adamselzer
I just told my son the news that we’d be able to see a new Star Wars film together in 3 years and it was emotionally overwhelming.Bryan Young
Nobody knew they liked Star Wars when it came out. Stay hungry, people. Don’t be picky eaters, you’ll miss out on a lot.Emma Coats
Don’t forget: The world clearly, undeniably wants more Star Wars. Powers have aligned to deliver. Recognize that before you spout cynicism.Hugh Sterbakov
The pessimist sees Disney being the ones making the next Star Wars. The optimist sees George Lucas not making the next Star Wars.David Lenaerts
Well @Disney now there’s no reason we should have to live in a world without a Star Wars theme park. Figure it out. Don’t put it in Florida.Rob Sheridan
This is just like that scene in Star Wars when the Empire gets bought out by an even bigger Empire. #DisneyStarWarsDave Itzkoff
On account of being old/tired, me and @BrentSimons said we were done with midnight openings unless there was a new Star Wars movie. Hi, 2015Eric Goldman
Yep. This is a wonderful move for both companies. Smart, savvy, and the consumers benefit as well. Gonna be great.MandyBOO

(More) from the professionals

Star Wars is like a national park; a cultural treasure. All who work with it do so with respect and care. Disney will be good stewards.John Jackson Miller
BREAKING NEWS: Lucasfilm still spelled with a lower case “f”. (h/t @infinata)Ivan Askwith
Pssst. Stay calm and imagine the good things, like how about an entire Star Wars theme park at Disney designed by ILM….Peter Mayhew
Every awesome creative person in Hollywood would love to work on something new Star Wars so this could be a great thing.Felicia Day
My twitter feed: 38% : "You should write the new Star Wars!" 47% : "Don’t fucking touch the new Star Wars!" 15% : Undecided.Damon Lindelof
If you have concerns about this Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm you are crazy. This means movies AND a theme park. Relax and enjoy. In 3D.Kyle Newman

Episode 7

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was told there’d be nine STAR WARS movies. 35 years later, the last 3 are finally happening!KevinSmith
Somewhere, someone is pitching Joss Whedon on "STAR WARS: Which Character Did You Love Best? That’s The One I’m Killing"Warren Ellis
Joss Whedon on FB: "Imagine how great a new #StarWars trilogy could be with the Yuuzhan Vong invasion as the plot focus." YES. THIS. GOOD.Eric Geller
Star Wars is a huge sandbox. Give different filmmakers a corner and see what happens.Matt Austin
I think Star Wars in the hands of a new generation of filmmakers could be great. Lucas proved he was past his prime with episodes 1, 2 & 3.Jason Sechrest
Now that Disney has bought Lucasfilm, I think we can all agree that we want to see Tony Stark kill Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars 7.Professor Snape
Mark Hamill will be 63 in 2015, when next Star Wars is supposed to come out. Sir Alec Guinness was 63 when 1st one was released.Joe Posnanski
In 2017 Disney will buy Star Trek franchise from Paramount, opening the way for the ultimate geek movie event: Avengers vs Star Wars vs TrekPatrick Sauriol


As people are pointing out, Leia is now a Disney Princess. On the other hand, now your kid gets Disney Princess Leia swag.Cleolinda Jones
I just realized that there will finally be a Disney Princess I WANT to buy for my daughter!! Princess Leia: Daddy issues not included.ginchy_amanda
I feel a DISTURBANCE in the FORCE. Like four BILLION DOLLARS being TRANSFERRED at ONCE… then suddenly LEIA is a DISNEY PRINCESS.Dalek Thay
[cont] Until she’s turned into an animated chick who sings with woodland animals, Princess Leia’s NOT a Disney princess. #StarWars #DisneyTraci Leigh Milligan


As far as we all know here, it’s still business as usual. I am personally VERY excited to work on books for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. :)Jennifer Heddle
Yeah, re: how new movies will affect EU? I don’t know yet. We’ll let you guys know when we know.Jennifer Heddle
Did anybody ask Bob Iger which of the New Republic and New Jedi Order novels are still canon? #DisneyStarWarsDave Itzkoff
I’m just going to say it now. Stover for the Episodes VII, VIII, and IX novelizations. #SWEUBrian
Considering the #SWEU is a major part of my #StarWars fandom, I am really nervous about the future. It will be an interesting next few yearsAaron Goins
Part of me is hoping that Del Rey wraps up the current #SWEU by 2015 and the EU is completely rebooted with the start of the new moviesAaron Goins
Maybe Episodes 7-9 will take @clubjade’s cafeteria style approach to the #SWEU. As long as they use all the GOOD stuff. #nodarkempireNancipants


@darthvader Only a mousketeer of evil, Darth.CinemaSuicide
I’m thinking Mickey and the Emperor in an updated Sorcerer’s Apprentice. #Disney #StarWarsChris Schillig
Looking forward to the eventual Marvel vs. Star Wars 12-issue series written & drawn by a different creative team for each issue.Eddy Choi
BREAKING NEWS: A new Disneyland on Endor to open in 2015. Haunted Mansion to feature hitchhiking blue Jedi. #StarWars #DisneyMatt Martin
Just a reminder that Episode VII has already happened. A long time ago. Spoilers probably exist if you dig deep enough.Aidan Moher
Dear god. Disney has all the franchises. It’s a monster. A monster made of action figures and socially conservative gender constructs.Faith Erin Hicks
What terrible timing. Now we have less than 24 hours to put together all the Disney + Star Wars costumes.Elliot M. Pinkus
My thoughts on the Disney/Lucas merger? Finally! One step closer to Willow II!Paul_Dini
My shuttle pilot just told me to keep my hands & arms inside the vehicle at all times while it is in motion. He’s dead now.Darth Vader
Also fun thing! Disney likes to "Open the vault" so maybe they will "open the vault" and find out that Han shot first and Jabba doesn’t walkMatt Mira
OMG you know what the Disney purchase of Star Wars means? DANCING JAR JAR IN DISNEYLAND PARADES. We have to go back in time to fix this.Wil Wheaton
We are in no way contractually obliged to express our excitement that the Death Star 3 is being turned into a mouse-themed amusement park!Death Star PR
Ohmygodohmygod. When Colson comes back, is he going to be a glowing blue ghost? SAY YES.Rebecca Taylor
I believe it was Samuel Johnson, the 18th Century English author, who said, "When a man is tired of Star Wars he is tired of the internet."Joseph Scrimshaw