forums close today as ads go away

Between these two tweets, I have to wonder… Could the closing of the forums and the loss of ads be related? Or is it just simply a coincidence? Just part of the site’s regular housecleaning?

I can’t recall exactly when started running ads (Before the forums? With the forums?) but I do remember when Hyperspace membership ceased to mean browsing ad-free. Not a lot of happy people that day…

Of course, you will still see some ‘ads’ on – but they’re all for Star Wars Shop, DVD/Blu-Rays and other things that directly benefit the company. (House ads, called them back in my print days.) Hopefully this is a good sign for Lucasfilm’s faith in the site – and/or Lucas Online’s ability to support itself.

I may miss the forums a little, but the ads? Nah.

3 Replies to “ forums close today as ads go away”

  1. I don’t know. The ads that pop up right in the middle of the story I’m trying to read do serve one good purpose…they help to show me what companies I will never want to purchase a product or service from.

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