Stargate Round-Up

Yes. I agree. Silly of me to go away on a business trip the week after Nerd Prom. So much Gate-geeky news coming out of there.

– Atlantis floats on over to a 10pm Friday time slot, starting September 28th
– GateWorld summarizes the rather giggly panels at Comic-Con
David Hewlett celebrates the nerd love with an editorial on SciFi
– David also breaks the news to those who haven’t seen his fiancee in person that the Stargate Baby Factory continues to be alive and well. (So that would be in addition to Joe Flanigan, Robert Cooper, and Rachel Luttrell this season alone!)
– Producer Joe Mallozzi makes the SCB Campaign happy with pictures of the happy return of Carson Beckett
– More on the big, honkin’ full series box set and its extras. Y’know. For those of us who haven’t been collecting these for years and would have to spend a lot of money just to get those bonus features. (Not that I’m bitter, or anything.)