Stargate News from Comic-Con

For the tenth year in a row, Stargate had a presence at San Diego Comic-Con. (Apparently, this year they were giving away free haircuts if you agreed to cut in and/or spray on a Stargate logo.)

This year, they were pushing the upcoming SG1 straight-to-DVD movies. Sadly, it looks like they’re going to be delaying their release a little to get some better effects completed. Ark of Truth will now be coming out in the Spring and Continuum will now be coming out in the fall of 2008. But the happy news was that third series is still going!

Producer Joe Mallozzi got lots of pictures of the cast and crew who attended (along with his usual list of all foods available).

And David Hewlett reports that if any of the SGA cast looked particularly stupid in their panel, it was all due to being unable to hear each other.

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