Star Wars out this week: Han and Lando in Last Shot

It’s a noteworthy week for releases, with the year’s first all-new novel and a comic that takes us – very briefly – into shouting distance of The Last Jedi.

Tuesday, April 17 sees the release of Daniel José Older’s Last Shot. The Han and Lando tie-in covers three periods – Lando and L3-37 pre-Solo, Han, Chewbacca, and Marvel’s Sana Starros post-Solo but pre-A New Hope and mostly, Han, Lando and a whole new gang after Return of the Jedi, also featuring Leia toddler Ben.

Today, has an interview with Older by our own James Floyd.

For Wednesday, April 18, we’ve got Poe Dameron #26, which has a framing story set after The Last Jedi, while the main story takes us right into Poe’s offscreen shenanigans inThe Force Awakens. There’s also Star Wars Adventures #9 and the Adventures annual and Star Wars Insider #180.

Check out the Poe preview pages below: