Star Wars in the news: TMZ stalks George Lucas, gets obvious answer to stupid question

Top-notch reporting! TMZ harassed George Lucas in Los Angeles yesterday to learn what (almost) every Star Wars fan already knows: There will be no more Star Wars movies. “Never,” you can barely hear Lucas say over the ‘reporter.’ Just let the guy have a visit with his daughter, jeez.

On that note… Forbes’ Roger Friedman says that Lucas lost more than $60 million on Red Tails.

Games. For those who roll their eyes at the very mention of Kyle Katarn, stop here: Gaming media are theorizing that LucasArts may revive a certain first-person shooter. Whatever.

Tours. ‘Where Science Meets Imagination’ is still out there, and its next stop will be the Indiana State Museum in our beloved Indianapolis.

9 Replies to “Star Wars in the news: TMZ stalks George Lucas, gets obvious answer to stupid question”

  1. Other than the fact that Kyle Katarn started in a video game, what is it about him that rubs you so wrong?

  2. I believe game crap should stay in the games. The fact that I even call it ‘game crap’ probably tells you everything you need to know.

  3. I love Kyle Katarn and Dark Forces, the second one with Jerec and co was awesome! Bring it back! (But maybe get someone good to develop it, Lucas Arts are suspect).

    I too don’t see the problem, Just another part of the larger story. Without them we wouldn’t have Katarn, and Revan two of my favorite EU characters.

  4. I’m bummed Red Tails didn’t do well; mostly because the Tuskegee Airmen deserve more kudos than they’ve gotten.

    And yeah. TMZ.

  5. I think Red Tails, to Lucas at least, was a hit he was prepared to take. No international roll out, a modest £58 million budget. It brought in $45+ million, and the blu-ray should match if not exceed that figure, plus TV revenue. Like John Carter, it’s a bit early to be talking about losses. Besides, Disney made that press release to try and activate some interest in the film, a bit of reverse psychology.
    As for George and this TMZ clip, I think I’d be pretty blunt as well. poor guy, can’t get a minute’s peace. No wonder you have to sign a form promising not to talk to George unless he speaks to you when you visit LFL. It must be sore as hell to get your arse kissed all day every day.

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