Ridiculous merchandise: Life-size Darth Malgus

Now, if you’ve paid any attention around here, you’d no I have little to no use for anything having to do with Star Wars gaming. So, needless to say, I am not particularly impressed with this $6000 life-sized statue of Old Republic Vader wannabee Darth Malgus. This goes beyond wacky, right into Frames territory. Though, honestly, if I had that much money to waste on absurdly expensive Star Wars merchandise, I’d rather have a set of Frames. Or two.

Malgus, for what it’s worth, was the star of a novel, Paul Kemp’s The Old Republic: Deceived.

5 Replies to “Ridiculous merchandise: Life-size Darth Malgus”

  1. Ok I love the games to bits and am mostly meh about the books. Through which lens a life-sized Malgus is still ridiculous.

    What would you do with one of those?

    I’m with you: if I had that much money to waste on merch, I’d spend it on something else. Probably a collector’s edition of Dressing A Galaxy, with any leftover going to a cause more worthy than the world’s most expensive scarecrow.

  2. Gotta say, if I had a spare $6K lying around, it wouldn’t be spend on this!

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