Star Wars and Cupcake Wars collide this Sunday!

“How you get so big eating food of this kind?”

Food Network’s Cupcake Wars goes Star Wars this Sunday, with Ashley Eckstein as a guest judge. Ashley blogs about her experience as a judge, and urges those who were at the VIP party to keep mum about the winners. Cupcake WarsStar Wars episode airs on Sunday, Sep 9, 2012 at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Food Network. (More broadcast times found here.)

Those who attended the VIP party at Celebration VI (or followed our coverage and on Twitter) know that I am a big fan of cupcakes. Mmmm…. cupcakes. I’ll go wipe the icing from my fingers and set my DVR.

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  1. We sampled the entire lineup of delicious cupcakes at the event. We wish not to discuss the varieties until the telly has announced the winner so as to avoid spoilers.

    *royal wave*

  2. My fav was the one we had the most leftover of in the Lounge…. Yeah, that worked out well for me. I gave two trays to overnight security and apparently the next morning “I” was to blame for massive sugar crashes in the building?! ;-)

  3. Now that the episode has been broadcast, we are pleased to announce that we tried all four marvelous varieties: the chocolate/pepper (dark side vs light side), the Luke Skywalker (maple/brown sugar with peanut butter frosting and blue sugar crystal), the Yoda (key lime and coconut), and the Darth Vader (triple chocolate with a death star on top). So as to not overindulge, my royal majesty only ate one of each.

  4. Not that I cared too much but the winner of this was spoiled the day the party happened due to everyone posting photos of the TIE fighter display on Twitter. Oh well. While I generally don’t like cupcake shows, this one was moderately entertaining simply because it was Star Wars. However, all of Ashley’s Star Wars themed comments every time she spoke seemed very scripted and lame, hate to say.

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