Darth Maul Returns to Target-exclusive DVD in Director’s Cut of The Clone Wars

Need to catch up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars before the start of season five? Catch the last four episodes of season four in a Target-exclusive Director’s Cut DVD set, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Darth Maul Returns coming out on Tuesday, September 11. This Director’s Cut version is currently $10 online and has been turned into a single eighty-eight minute long feature from the story arc that culminated in the return of Darth Maul: ‘Massacre’ / ‘Bounty’ / ‘Brothers’ / ‘Revenge’. The first two parts focus more on Asajj Ventress, while the last two involve Savage Opress teaming up with his long-lost half-brother, err.. all brother, half-man: Darth Maul.

Can’t settle for just the episodes of Darth Maul Returns? Don’t worry, the DVD and Blu-ray box sets for the complete season four of The Clone Wars (all 22 episodes) will be released on October 23. This isn’t the first time that The Clone Wars has given us some story arc DVDs before the complete season was released in a box set. Before season one came out on DVD, there were two 4-episode DVD products from the first season in 2009:

  • A Galaxy Divided contained the first four episodes: ‘Ambush’ and the three-part ‘Malevolence’ arc
  • Clone Commandos contained the clone-centric stories of ‘Rookies’ and the three-part Ryloth arc

Thanks to William at EUCantina for the video.

7 Replies to “Darth Maul Returns to Target-exclusive DVD in Director’s Cut of The Clone Wars

  1. This just smacks of another way to draw money from fans. The sad thing is that people will not only buy this, but the season set and the eventual — dare I say, inevitable — complete series set.

    We have only ourselves to blame for this commercial tactic.

  2. Every release is a way to draw money from fans. But it is also an option for fans – some might rather just have a sample of a few episodes for $10 (especially if it is for their kids) rather than spend $30-$40 that a complete season set might be. It works for a different base of customers.

    Now when they tried this for the season one stuff, obviously they backed off and didn’t do it for season two, so maybe the four-ep DVDs didnt sell as expected in 2009. But with Maul: it’s a Director’s Cut, and Target exclusive, so it’s not the quite the same thing: slightly different product, and not as big a production run. it’s like their dipping their toe back into the pool.

    personally, i will just hold out for the season 4 box set as a present for the holidays.

  3. I hear that a lot, but there really aren’t enough completists out there to justify such tactics as a business model. Not in home video, anyway. If it’s in anyway helpful, industry shorthand for these types of bundles are typically called the ‘mom packs,’ something for a parent to purchase affordably and satisfy household demand.

  4. Oh, and while tangentially on the subject — variant covers are more about securing larger shelf real estate that they are hoping a completist mentality will ‘collect them all’.

  5. P: I didn’t know that about variant covers. interesting. that really only works when a comic shop actually does separate them out.

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