Something big is coming from Del Rey… Let’s snark!

Apparently we’re getting a big Star Wars announcement from Del Rey tomorrow. What will it be? We guess, snarkily, below the cut.

11 Replies to “Something big is coming from Del Rey… Let’s snark!”

  1. The Waru idea is awesome! I’d also like to see a trilogy about those centaur creatures from Crystal Star teaming up with the faun Jedi from Jedi vs. Sith. Written by Rebecca Moesta and Barbara Hambly and featuring yet another group of Sith, the Four Sith or Fith for short. Oh, and I want another clone of Palpatine and the second Palpatine’s Eye thingy they hinted at in the NJO.
    Make it so, Del Rey!

  2. Maybe they finally listened to reason and gave Stover the chance to write the final adventure of the big 3.

  3. Come on it’ll be the retcon festival that would be Imperial Commando 2.

  4. You people crack me up.

    I’m sure, no matter what they announce, there will be a huge crush of disappointment for at least some segment of fandom.

    Teasing can bite you, sometimes!

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