Filoni on The Clone Wars S4, continuty, and what’s ahead

IGN’s Eric Goldman talks at length witb Dave Filoni on season 4, including this season’s movie (and Star Tours influences, quadruple decapitation, the brouhaha over casting Simon Pegg and more. Including this interesting bit from where he talks about adapting Slaves of the Republic and the tweaks that had to be made to get it to fit where it does in the show:

…I think it really clearly illustrates the difference between the EU material and what makes it up on the screen as George wants it. Which is that in the end, the comic books are a great place for ideas and creativity by many, many really talented artists and writers. But when George is gonna bring it into his universe, a lot of times it’s going to need tweaks. Some things are really similar, but they’re not exactly the same, which isn’t that strange when you think about it, when you consider anything that’s adapted from one medium to the other. A lot of things change, whether large or small, all the time.

On continuity issues and things like the undeath of Maul:

I’ll even take stuff and ask George, “Hey George, would this work out? It’s not going to be in the show, but just to keep this all together.” There’s a very coordinated effort going on to keep things moving forward all together in the right way. So it did come up, how does he get there, and why don’t the Jedi find him or his body, or what’s going on with that? And that’s been discussed in some detail actually.

There are even a few tidbits about season 5: Apparently, it’s going to be a big year for Ahsoka.

Be sure to check back in the morning for our own roundtable discussion of S4!

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  1. Ahsoka might be a reason to tune in again. They pretty much lost me with that horrible Mon Cal story ( predictability, thy name is villain of the week), but I’ve always had a soft spot for Ahsoka “Kim Possible” Tano. ;)
    Plus the Palpatine hints Dave dropped intrigue me. More Sidious time should be interesting. Though I’m not sure I like the recasting idea those hints imply. Sure, TCW without Palpatine would be tricky, but I always liked how Rowlf stopped speaking after Jim Henson’s death. Not just because it was respectful, but because it was the right thing to do. When people pass, they should leave a void. At least for a while.

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