Some like it Hoth: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Jan. 28 – Feb. 3

@ericgeller: Well, that just happened: my tauntaun froze and I was only halfway to the first marker. #curseyouwinter

Someone believes Death Stars are real, the men behind Jar Jar and Gollum meet, we figured out a way to save the Super Bowl and #StarWarsSpinoffs took off. Eat your heart out, Yoda.

Best #StarWars tweets for Jan. 28 – Feb. 3

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Well, that just happened: my tauntaun froze and I was only halfway to the first marker. #curseyouwinterEric Geller
George Lucas should make How I Met Your Mother. That’ll be a twist end! Darth Vader just sitting there, "Kids, screw mom. I’m Ted’s father."Sorabh Pant
Reading today’s newspaper and on the "Letters to the Editor", this dude believe George Lucas had a real Death Star build.musa
..George Lucas had two if them built in space for his first trilogy."musa
Jar Jar and Gollum together at last. BEst
Dude called me from California looking for somebody named Jeti. I told him he should try calling George Lucas.Elliott Andrews
OMG. Just saw George Lucas on hotel elevator. "Which floor?" he asked. I so wanted to reply, "Detention block AA-23. Level 5." #truestoryJosh Robert Thompson
It never really occurred to me, but George Lucas named the main character in Star Wars after himself. #ConcededJeremy Leick
Super Bowl Sunday
#Superbowl refreshment offerings are quite different in a galaxy far, far away. #StarWars #SB47 Wars
Some problems remain the same, no matter what galaxy you’re in… #StarWars #Superbowl #SB47 Wars
The #StarWars cantina band is really moving up in the world… #Halftimeshow #Superbowl #SB47 Wars
Time for J.J. Abrams to take over the Super Bowl franchise and give it the boost of energy it needs.Eric Goldman
It’s not a #PowerOutage at the #SuperBowl, that’s just the Death Star moving into orbit. Nothing to be alarmed about.Death Star PR
CHEWBACCA TO THE FUTURE. #starwarsspinoffsDan Owen
The Mon Mothma Prophecies #starwarsspinoffsScott Weinberg
Lando the Dead #starwarsspinoffsScott Weinberg
Look Who’s Tarkin #starwarsspinoffsScott Weinberg
"Looks like Han took care of this bounty hunter…Solo." *Cue The Who intro* RT @elkmating: CSI: Tatooine #starwarsspinoffsBrian Salisbury
Some Like it Hoth #starwarsspinoffsDave Rubin
It’s A Parent Trap! #starwarsspinoffsBrian Salisbury
THX-IG88 #starwarsspinoffsBobby
The Han That Rocks The Cradle #starwarsspinoffsMTV Geek
#starwarsspinoffs Saving Private PorkinsDarth Vader No1™
Wet Hoth American Summer #starwarsspinoffsAMC Theatres
One Flew Over the Dookus’ Nest #starwarsspinoffsJim Vejvoda
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindharp of Sharu #StarWarsSpinoffsDeath By Improv
My Big Fett Greek Wedding #starwarsspinoffsBandar Sadhan

Episode VII and Disney

We’re 2+ years away from #EpisodeVII and it’s already dominating the interwebs. #LoveIt #StarWarsVIIJustin LaSalata
Funny how Lucasfilm created Pixar, Pixar gets bought by Disney, and then Disney buys Lucasfilm. Pixar came full circle.Marc LeBeau
The spiritual faithfulness of new Star Wars perhaps depends less on finding the new George Lucas but rather the new Ralph McQuarrie.Julian Louis Blair
For the record, Disney now owns Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, whales, all dairy products, Judaism, and free will.Scott Weinberg
Disney also owns ESPN, ILM, ABC, Hyperion, A&E, The Muppets, your mom’s soul, childrens’ laughter, and the ghosts of all your dead pets.Scott Weinberg
I’m so glad Kathleen Kennedy is in charge of Lucasfilm. She’s the #1 reason I’m choosing to remain optimistic about the future of @StarWars.Ali Miller
So is the Mos Eisley Cantina now a café? You know, to keep things relevant. #starwarsVII #HanShotFirstSteve Coleman
Worst headline I’ve seen today: "Pine hopes JJ Abrams treks back from ‘Star Wars’." Come on @USATODAY, you’re not even trying.Matt Martin

The Expanded Universe

The Prequel SB book cover, in case you haven’t seen… will be hard cover. W. Rinzler
We start review of The Making of #StarWars Return of the Jedi layout pages today! @jwrinzler
At Barnes & Noble, looking at all the #StarWars novels. Holy crap they’ve been busy publishing since I stopped reading em 5 years or so ago…AKA @mrdeadlier
When I was a kid I had a huge crush on Mara Jade until stupid Luke Skywalker came in and married her and ruined everything.Turner Lobey
In the Star Wars book I am currently reading they actually have Han Solo say "I want my wife back." Harrison Ford typecast in the #SWEUTony
Oddest #sweu fact: Lando is a used starship salesmanLightsaber Rattling
Now I’m super disappointed that Lando hasn’t actually started a ‘Keeping Up With the Calrissians’ show in canon.Bria
I had a really great #SWEU tweet in my head last night and forgot it while I was asleep. If only that worked for Planet of Twilight also.Brian
The Clone Wars
Really dug the Picasso "Guernica" style mural behind the climactic lightsaber battle on this week’s #CloneWars
I love that Sidious has such a good time when fighting. He just has a ball. #CloneWarsPablo Hidalgo
Lawless is THE BEST EPISODE of The Clone Wars to date! Story, score, saber battles and civil war! Everyone NEEDS to watch this one! -MHThe Star Wars Report
Mom: "I think the big yellow silent brother’s sexier." Me: "Savage Opress?" Mom: "Yeah." #CloneWars @rocket_sauceSimon
I knew what was coming but watching The Lawless still blew me away. #CloneWarsKnights’ Archive
Yesterday’s episode of #CloneWars was absolutely incredible. Best piece of Star Wars-related media in quite some time…D. Raikos
The last 3 episodes of Clone Wars have been amazing…we lost 2 more in this episode. so damned good #clonewarsRay Marek(RayZor)

Star Wars life

GradStudent: "Drink some water and don’t sleep under the coffee table."Pdoc:"You’re learning young Padawan." #ScientistsDrink #StarWarsScientists Speak
I’m in the kitchen cooking, when behind my daughter says: "Dad, I’m an AT-AT from Star Wars." #parentingwin #starwars L Hansen
My son has a friend over. They are in the basement. I just heard Chewbacca. Either his friend does a stellar imitation, or…. #StarWarsCara Carriveau


For such a strong intergalactic empire, the Empire really had an incompetent army. #starwarsLarry Cassar
SCOOP: First Lucasfilm production under Disney ownership, "Dennis the Phantom Menace," will arrive summer 2015.Michael Spinelli

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