Solo lowdown: New posters, the Kasdans

Two new posters from Japan and the U.K. I forgot that the Japanese release date is in June (why?) and I also learned that they think the logo is “dorky.”

On Wednesday’s Star Wars Show, writers Lawrence and Jon Kasdan talk the origins of Solo, including some insight into Lando, L3-37, Tobia Beckett and Enfys Nest.

→ According to a Chinese movie website (via Variety) Solo will debut in China on May 25, the same as in the U.S. – much earlier than all the previous Star Wars releases, which were often weeks behind their American/global release dates. Yes, this does mean China is getting it a month before Japan, a country that actually likes the franchise. Go figure.

→ As widely speculated, rumor has it that Solo tickets may go on sale May 4. Expect further leaks – if not an outright announcement – as we get closer to the most pun-filled day in a Star Wars fan’s calendar.