SDCC: Jaina Solo wins fan figure vote; new Hera, Thrawn figures coming


Despite early leads by Darth Talon and Starkiller, Jaina Solo won Hasbro’s 2016 fan choice figure poll. (Here’s the percentages just before the poll closed.)

Jaina, the oldest child and only daughter of Leia Organa and Han Solo in decanonized Legends timeline, has had at least one figure from Hasbro in the past, plus a Bishoujo-style statue from Kotobukiya. The new figure will take some time: The fruits of last year’s poll – Darth Revan and Sabine Wren – aren’t expected to hit the shelves until late this year.

Hasbro announced several new figures at SDCC, including a 6′ Hera Syndulla and an Imperial Royal Guard inspired in part by the (also Legends) comic Crimson Empire.

And getting a 3.75 figure, the newly canonized Grand Admiral Thrawn, who will appear in the upcoming third season of Rebels. (His rank will be correct on the final figure.)

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  1. Oooh…though I’m kind of bummed Hera’s a 6″ (and still waiting on a Black Series Thrawn) as I can probably justify Thrawn and the Crimson Empire guard but I suspect she’ll be a bit pricey for one that doesn’t fit my action figure theme. (Yes, I own, AFAIK, almost or all Thrawn merchandise there is minus the command chair that goes with the Sideshow figure, as undamaged ones of those cost 3-4 times what the figure does. Everything else on my shelf is Imperial except a Pop! Rey that’s never left the box…)

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