Scoundrels postponed, but don’t panic just yet

Timothy Zahn just shared this bit of news on Facebook: The Scoundrels release has been pushed back. The good news? It’s only a week, to January 1st.

The hardcover was originally going to come out on December 26th, so instead of fighting off the post-Christmas crowds, you’ll be able swing by on a sleepy retail New Year’s Day. Yay?

5 Replies to “Scoundrels postponed, but don’t panic just yet”

  1. No, not “Yay” sadly. The December 26 date was perfect for those of us who planned to read it during Christmas break. January 1 is a bit too close to the start of the academic year for me.

  2. I’m going to be far away from English bookstores on the first, and I really wanted it for the plane. I won’t be able to get it for quite a while, now instead of on (or hopefully before- you never know) the release day)

  3. Bummer. But I was honestly surprised they were putting it out on the 26th. Maybe they got pushback from the stores not wanting to deal with putting out new things in the rush of returns?

  4. There’s a reason I went with ? and not ! on the yay, guys.

    I’m betting that’s why, Paula. It’s bound to be a busy day, and it is effecting all the books, not just Scoundrels.

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