Out this week: The Essential Reader’s Companion

Coming Tuesday – and probably already on the way if you preordered one – will be Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Reader’s Companion, perhaps the most anticipated Star Wars reference book of the year – or at least since Celebration VI. Pablo did interviews last week with FangirlBlog and Roqoo Depot for the occasion, while io9 featured some of the book’s art.

And speaking of art, you’ll also want to keep your eyes open for Star Wars Art: Illustration. Unlike Visions it contains a good amount of art that we’ve already seen, but since when has that stopped anyone from buying an art book?

Meanwhile, coming to comic shops on Wednesday is the second Clone Wars omnibus, The Enemy on all Sides, which collects collects Republic #54–#66 and #68, Jedi: Yoda, and General Grievous #1–#4. You may also find a second printing of the Rise of the Sith omnibus, which collects comics that lead into The Phantom Menace.

3 Replies to “Out this week: The Essential Reader’s Companion

  1. I covet the Reader’s Companion. I wants it, my precious.

    And glad to see they haven’t been ignoring additional Christmas gift books. That Illustration one looks nice.

  2. I love those Star Wars: Art books, but Illustration to me was a disappointment. There’s maybe one or two slightly unknown paintings in there, the overwhelming majority of pieces has been all over other publications in the past or is simply very well known. If you planned on discovering new masterpieces in the book, you, too, will be disappointed, if you wanted to see your old favorites in great quality once more, you will probably be thrilled.
    All in all it’s a far cry from Visions, but obviously the overall quality of print is still sublime.

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