Rumor: Will Disney move Episode VII to Christmas?

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.We’ve gone round and round on possible Episode VII release dates, and here are we again. Despite Disney’s Alan Horn telling D23 attendees that the film is slated for”summer 2015,” Badass Digest is now claiming “Disney and Lucasfilm have December circled on their calendars.” Mid-December, to be precise, and via the ever-popular “multiple sources.”

A Star Wars movie not coming out in May? While it would give production more time, why not just push it back to May 2016? And what about the Celebration already scheduled for April 2015? Could you wait another year? As ever, I’m skeptical – but time will tell.

UPDATE: Hitfix’s Drew McWeeney has also heard rumblings of this.

8 Replies to “Rumor: Will Disney move Episode VII to Christmas?”

  1. This would be extremely disappointing. Booting SW in favor of Avengers? Dumb planning.

    SW should come out in May. And yes, like you said, if it isn’t a good fit, they should move it to 2016. 2015 is an overly crowded year as is.

    1. Seems to me like they would have hesitated to announce CVII if the release date was in question. But on the other hand, November would be a crappy time for a con, if only because of holiday obligations (and higher plane fares!) that would almost certainly cut down on family attendance.

  2. December has lots of movies sometimes but rarely the blockbuster hits. When blockbusters are released they do VERY well because nothing comes out in January and February and it gets to hang in the theaters longer, and to get out of the cold, people are driven in doors. Let us not forget that the two biggest money making movies of all time were released in December. Also Lord of the Rings & Hobbit movies all have December releases and did VERY well. Also the original Star Wars was pushed back from Christmas to May because it simply wasn’t ready.

    All that said, I don’t think it’s coming out in December, thought I should add that.

  3. I can’t see them moving STAR WARS due to the summer “being crowded.” If that was the case, it’d make more sense to me to move “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” which is less of a sure thing to a less crowded December and put either Episode VII or “Avengers 2” in the 4th of July slot (depending on which one you want to position in May). Now, if they were moving it to due to questions of meeting a summer release deadline, well, look at the new “Ninja Turtles” movie, which was just moved back for the second or third time.

    Either way, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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