Rumor: Is this Daisy Ridley’s costume?

Is this Daisy Ridley’s costume? Want an (alleged) peek at something new? Making Star Wars’ Jason Ward got a look at the concept art for Ridley’s costume, which he’s recreated.

4 Replies to “Rumor: Is this Daisy Ridley’s costume?”

  1. Finally, something a little more innovative about Episode VII. I’m growing tired of those rehashed OT concepts (OT ships, the Empire, desert planets, practical FX, et cetera).

    1. I suspect they’ve planned it so that most of what they can’t really avoid people seeing is the ‘retro’ stuff.

      1. That sounds plausible. Still, I’m afraid the new SW movies will become a little too old-fashioned in a technical way. For me, the Star Wars movies (all six of them) are about pushing filmmaking boundaries, with bold new designs, ideas, and techniques. So far, not much things I’ve seen about Episode VII honor this ideal.

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