Falcon, X-wing spotted on location?

spoilers-swirl-bespinA simulations engineer spotted what looks to be part of the Millennium Falcon and a ‘disguised’ X-wing while flying over a former Royal Air Force station in Berkshire. (The BBC spoke to the photographer, Matthew Myatt.) This may be where that earlier report of sod comes in… (via)

It looks like the X-wing may be parked in front of what used to be a missile silo. Scroll down to the second set of pictures on the Greenham Common page at bunkertours.co.uk to see something that looks likely, as well as some more information on the site.

UPDATE: And it seems there’s more than one X-wing.

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    1. It’s not great, just a bit old school is all. I’m wary of posting something like that without permission. (Plus, there’s a whole bunch of photos there, and I’m sure there are some who’ll want to look at more than one.) But mostly I don’t want to spoil anyone. That’s also why I didn’t post the Twitter image, which I could simply embed under fair use.

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