Rumor: Casting for young Han Solo underway?

SPINOFF RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.In their report on the Disney investor meeting earlier today, Bleeding Cool claims that casting for a young Han Solo is already happening alongside that of Episode VII:

A basic description of the character – about as useful as “Han Solo, but young” – was created, agencies listed the role as a situation vacant and actors started to get in line. I don’t know if anybody has read for the role yet, but if they have, it was under an even heavier veil of secrecy than the saga casting is hiding. My best guess is that the filmmakers are very, very early in the process and just rounding up some candidates for now.

Pity the casting agents: Finding a “young Harrison Ford” can’t be the easiest job in Hollywood. The first spinoff, whether it features Han or not, is aiming for a 2016 release.

11 Replies to “Rumor: Casting for young Han Solo underway?”

  1. They’re going to have to look real hard to cast someone as a young Harrison Ford. Personally, I do not think they can find the right actor with all of the personality traits, that are Harrison’s to begin with.

    I hope I am wrong and they nail it.

  2. If they’re smart, they won’t concentrate too much effort on Harrison Ford and instead go look for an actual Han Solo. After all, that’s what they did with Sean Patrick Flannery who was a great young Indy, even though he will never be a great Harrison Ford.

    Right now, it’s even more simple, since both Joss Whedon and J. J. Abrams created Han Solo type roles for their franchises. Nathan Fillion may be a bit too old by now, but Chris Pine could still pull of a Star Wars prequel.

    Alternatively, they should have little trouble to find an up-and-coming actor who can be a charming douche with an edge (and a blaster by his side, kid). There are dozens of those in Hollywood.

    And even though we as fans may love Han Solo’s complexity and feel that Mr. Ford is irreplaceable, the role isn’t that complex: He’s Casablanca’s Rick, Rebel without a cause’s Rebel, and The Man who shot Liberty Valance’s Tom Doniphan. How hard can it be to find a new Bogart, Dean and Wayne?

  3. A bit off topic, but can I just say how cool it is that you got a book dedicated to you?

  4. Chris Pine’s too old and not to mention, his voice is too high and looks nothing like Harrison Ford.

    Anthony Ingruber actually looks a little like Ford. He is the right height and age for a Han Solo prequel film.

    His YouTube video impersonation of the classic ANH Cantina Han scene is really quite impressive, but needs polishing. With the right people working with him, he could pull it off.

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