Disney exec calls Star Wars spinoffs “origin” stories

Vader at Disneyland. Or Disney World? I can't tell. Disney CFO Jay Rasulo talked a bit about Star Wars at an investor conference today, and the biggest revelation for us is that he called the spinoffs “origin story films,” according to Variety’s Marc Graser. That’s in line with some of the rumors we’ve heard about Han Solo and Yoda, and while part of me hopes that Attack of the Clones disqualifies Boba Fett, somehow I suspect not. Still, it does imply an extended focus on characters outside of the Skywalkers.

Rasulo also called Star Wars an “evergreen property” and said there are plans to expand licensing programs, though the focus is “to put out a great film.” But Disney has faith in the franchise: “Of all our worries, ‘Star Wars’ is not one of them.”

5 Replies to “Disney exec calls Star Wars spinoffs “origin” stories”

  1. I hope, they start with Boba Fett. You can’t ruin that character (since he’s not much of a character), and even if you do, I couldn’t care less. ;-)

    And Yoda… Well… Before the prequels, I would have said: Don’t touch him. Now, however, he’s just this jumpy lightsaber-swinging frog person who has a very douchy take on letting your loved ones die, so… Yeah, sure, do your worst.

    Which leaves Han Solo, and for some reason, I don’t mind the idea. Ms. Crispin pretty much defined his youth for me, so no film will ever override that.

  2. Ah yes, origin stories. Because we all remember how much everyone loved X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    And the Star Wars prequels, of course. If there’s one thing you hear all the time from Star Wars fans, it’s “I’m so glad they went and showed us Darth Vader’s childhood. It was even better than seeing him as an adult.”

    Sarcasm aside, count me as one of the SW fans struggling to think of any new SW film they’d like to see.

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