Rumor: Boba Fett film could be a challenge

SPINOFF RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Making Star Wars says the Executive Breakfast did indeed happen this morning, and one subject of discussion was a Boba Fett spinoff film, which may be inevitable but isn’t apparently as straightforward as one would expect.

The problem, apparently? Making Fett into a film hero while maintaining his ‘menace.’ And presumably keeping things PG-13 at the most, Disney being Disney.

Honestly, the less I say about this the better, so, uh, take it away, commentators.

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  1. This isn’t hard. Just watch the Man with No Name trilogy and insert Boba Fett. Perfect use of a menacing anti-hero that was still likable.

  2. If Disney is staking out a new and improved brand for Star Wars I’m guessing they will avoid doing what the PT did, which was tell the story of an anti-hero, at least for a while. It’s brand above all else and Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Marvel are proving HERO is the way to go. I doubt we’ll see a Boba Fett movie as a stand-alone until closer to the end of the Sequel Trilogy, if ever.

    And I’m fine with that.

  3. Assuming that there’s any validity to this, I actually welcome their hesitance to hastily jumping on-board a Fett stand-alone film. There are so many other characters that deserve more screen time than Fett. Besides, isn’t some of his main appeal the fact that he’s a mysterious man hidden behind a mask? (something that AotCs sort of took away from).

    I think I’d much rather see an Obi-Wan stand-alone film more than anything else. Maybe a story inbetween episodes 3 & 4 where he gets called out of his hermitage for something important. Hell, I’d take that rumoured Zack Snyder directed Seven Samurai (Jedi) film before a Fett stand-alone.

    1. Lots of pluses to an Obi-wan film: The character is well-liked, no problem with playing him as a hero, Ewan McGregor seems game (and he’s a proven factor in that we know he can carry a film.)

      Only catch is that they’re not really playing up the whole prequel era right now. But they could conceivably do an Obi-wan on Tatooine film at any point in the next 20+ years.

      1. I really don’t get why it’s this idea that Disney isn’t game for prequel things, which quite frankly seems like an absurd theory to me. Even more absurd is to think that they aren’t willing to play an “anti-hero” film considering the success of characters like James Bond, Batman and hell, even to some extent Iron-Man.

        This cynicism is getting old really fast.

        1. Well, we’ve had a decade plus where most of the big things have been focused on the PT era, and now they want to divert attention back to the OT to prime the audience up for EpVII.

          By no means do I think they’re going to ignore the PT forever, I think they’re just going to go light on it until Rebels and the new trilogy are firmly launched.

  4. A Fett film would perforce have to be something along the lines of a Judge Dredd story to work

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