“A new dawn?” What is Del Rey hinting at?

UPDATE: This and this, that’s what.

A New Dawn

Del Rey uploaded this new cover image for their Star Wars Books Facebook page this morning. Does this mean we’ll finally find out something about their upcoming books soon? (A contract extension? Maybe…?)

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s not an Episode VII title.

We could find out later today – Del Rey has a panel at C2E2 today at 4:00. Author Kevin Hearne will be there, and we still don’t have an official announcement of his book’s release date.

9 Replies to ““A new dawn?” What is Del Rey hinting at?”

  1. From the image I’m thinking Tatooine’s involved…MAYBE a Kenobi sequel? I know JJM has said he’d like to write another one.

    Who knows. I just hope it’s new books!

  2. Would be a neat title for a series which connects ROTJ and Ep7: A New Dawn (for the galaxy, the Jedi, the Republic…). Ah, truly wonderful the mind of a fan is… :-o

    1. But any new story between VI & VII would have to have a plot that has zero impact on any OT characters – surely a story not worth reading.

  3. Since my every hope has been dashed so far, I refuse to speculate. Nice image though. Really nice. Certainly does look like Tatooine…

  4. By my reckoning Hearne’s SWEAR novel should be the last in Del Rey’s current license output. So is “New Dawn” a new license agreement and SWEU v2.0?

    1. That depends on Sword of the Jedi and the Kemp duology, wouldn’t it? Officially canceling those would give them 5 more slots.

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