Rumor: Alden Ehrenreich signed for 3 films

alden-ehrenreich-swce16The New York Daily News today reports that future Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich is signed for “at least” three films. With the Han movie supposed to be a standalone, this raises a few questions. But we should also note that multi-picture deals are fairly common among large franchises like Star Wars.

I doubt, for instance, that there are any solid plans for an actual Han-focused trilogy. But what if the third (or fourth, or fifth…) standalone turns out to be about, say, a young Lando Calrissian? It makes sense to sign your young Han actor now – just in case.

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  1. I’m guessing this just means expect Han Solo cameos in any pre-Rebellion Era anthology film – like a Boba Fett, Lando (as you mentioned), or maybe even a Sana Starros/Solo film…I think that would make for an interesting Star Wars story, for sure…

    1. Yup. I talked about this on a podcast that isn’t out yet (SOON) but if the Han movie is a hit, I think a Lando film (with Han in the sidekick/frenemy role) would make a great follow-up. Assuming Lando doesn’t have a major role in this one, of course. Though the website took that and ran with it with an even better idea. Good enough I might even accept Fett.

      1. That’s an interesting idea, for sure; I want to say that’d be a weird way to make a Star Wars movie, but I get the feeling that’s kind of the idea with the anthologies…anyway, I think Fett being included in future anthologies is a foregone conclusion, though I’m in agreement that he’s not really “headliner” material. After the Lando comic, I’m totally on board with a buddy featuring Lando and Lobot with Han in a “frenemy” role as you said.

        1. “After the Lando comic, I’m totally on board with a buddy featuring Lando and Lobot with Han in a “frenemy” role”

          ….I’d watch that. Even without Han cameos.

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