Rumor: Adam Driver playing a Solo?

Rumor: Adam Driver playing a Solo? Honestly, I’ve heard this speculated so much since Driver’s name first came up (and particularly from EU fans unwilling to let go of Jacen and Jaina) that it’s pretty hard to take seriously, even as a ‘rumor.’

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  1. As much as it’s handling was questionable (in lieu of other words…), I think the story arc of one twin turning to the dark side feels like the best fit for “part 3” of the main Star Wars saga.
    It shows that even when evil has been defeated, the best of us can still go down the wrong path.
    It could also be a great vehicle for a theme that went underexplored in those particular books: “The desire to protect people all too easily becomes the desire to control people” (I’m paraphrasing, but it’s from the EU). That always stuck in my head as the best summation of the lure of the dark side for an otherwise bright young hero.
    Just seeing a tragic fall done RIGHT would be a great change for the franchise in film.
    Mostly, I just want Jaina to be the hero. (Fine, I admit it.)

  2. I just look at these rumors as a big, planet-wide fanfic experiment.

    Could they be true? Maybe. But most of them end up being someone speculating and someone else taking it as fact.

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