Extended blurb for Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi

hearne-luke-heirStar Wars Books UK spotted a longer, more detailed blurb for Kevin Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi on Amazon UK:

The Galactic Civil War rages on after the destruction of the Death Star and Luke Skywalker struggles to learn more about the Force without the aid of Obi-Wan Kenobi – or indeed without any aid at all. But the few memories he has of Obi-Wan’s instruction point the way to a stronger control of the Force, and he is encouraged to pursue it by a new friend in the Alliance. When Luke, R2-D2 and his new ally are tasked with liberating a valuable asset from the Empire and delivering her to a safe planet where she can aid the Alliance, their journey across the galaxy is fraught with peril – and opportunities for Luke to discover the mysteries of the Force.

This is our second blurb for the book. Originally contracted and announced as the third Empire and Rebellion novel, it’s now part of the first wave of fully canon novels. Heir to the Jedi is scheduled for a January release.

4 Replies to “Extended blurb for Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi”

  1. I’m going to say it: I wonder if the ‘valuable asset’ is a certain Mara Jade (or similar, new-canon character)?

    1. Could be Shira Brie, too.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fake-out and we get a whole new character.

  2. Well, I’m excited to learn who this ‘she’ is. Either they’re keeping it a secret because she’ll be a name we might recognize or well, she could just be someone new. But now that everyone’s canon, how important will she become? This whole one canon is suddenly getting more intriguing.

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