Roundup: The fall of LucasArts

lucasartsGaming. Kotaku has a lengthy write-up/expose on the last days – and games – of LucasArts. There’s plenty on the evolution of the game that was announced as 1313, and what was going on behind-the-scenes after the Disney sale. Interesting stuff – even for a non-gamer.

Star Wars Reads. A number of locations have been added to the list of venues participating on October 5. Ashley Eckstein, Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston, Martha Wells, John Jackson Miller and many other EU luminaries will be attending events around the country. (Anyone else considering the Ann Arbor stop?)

Lists. John Williams’ theme for Star Wars tops a BBC poll of voter’s favorite soundtracks.

5 Replies to “Roundup: The fall of LucasArts”

  1. Dang… The Fall of LucasArts is numbing and yet the language is perfect for Star Wars. What really bites is – there are no prequels nor sequels.

  2. Fascinating article on LucasArts. A man who didn’t realize that “no” was good for him…

  3. That doesn’t even make that much sense. Lucasarts didn’t fail because Lucas had “yes men” around him, Sarah.

    George Lucas could have and would have kept that game in production until it was right by him. Lucasarts failed because it was in messy shape when Lucas sold it to Disney. Had the companies not been sold off, we would likely have 1313 on the horizon. Lucas could run games like vanity projects, corporations like Disney that buy companies do not care about vanity productions, they care about focus, gains, and loss.

    I heard stories like that from friends in the gaming industry for years. The difference was all the ducks weren’t in a row when it was handed over to another company that really had no need for a video game division when it could make more money and make better games through licensing.

  4. The Kotaku article is really fascinating.

    I’m considering the Ann Arbor event. Especially since I could stop by Dawn Treader, too.

  5. Ducks don’t get out of their row for just no reason. The LucasArts disorder, in this case, started at the top. It’s not just about 1313. I don’t think I’ve seen a solid game from LA since Shadows of the Empire and Dark Knight. This has been a long time coming. The sale just nailed the coffin shut.

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