EUbits: Heddle on the Expanded Universe going forward

HeddleInterviews. Eric and Erik at The ForceCast had LucasBooks editor Jennifer Heddle on their latest episode. The discussion segment begins at about 28 minutes in. At about 50 minues in, Eric asks if there really is “a hold” on books for next year. “There was definitely a little bit of limbo,” Heddle said. But “there will be more books in 2014, we’re just not at the point we can announce them yet.”

Comics. Tim Siedell talks to CBR about his next Star Wars mini-series, ‘Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows.’

The blogside. At the blog, Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart address The Celestials, while Rich Handley and Abel G. Peña go back to the Marvel days for a look at The Wheel. Brian at Tosche Station compares and contrasts the Leia of the Star Wars comic with the Leia of Razor’s Edge. And I posted an intermediate followup to my beginner’s guide to the EU, because apparently I just don’t devote enough time to writing about Star Wars as it is.

Reviews. James is pleased with the mysteries deepening in Legacy #7.

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  1. Ah yes, the Celestials… The weirdest stuff to come out of The Clone Wars by a long shot. I wonder if they’ll bring back Mortis in Rebels, but then again it would be deeply disturbing if they did. On the other hand, I still don’t get why we needed Mr. Father, Son and the holy (sorry, pun intended) Daughter to begin with, so any explanation would be more or less welcome.
    I hope Mr. Rinzler gets to write “The Making of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – An insider’s look at 10 years of weird awesomeness” one day. And that he puts in at least one chapter on the Mortis situation. :-)
    And to end slightly more on topic: The cut dialogue over at the official blog is pretty cool. Retconning at its most extreme of course, but still: Very well done.

  2. Actually, the Celestials are separate from the “Ones” (the Father, Son and Daughter on Mortis), and predate them by many years.

    I hope no one ever decides to do a story featuring the Celestials. They’re great as long as they’re the stuff of myth and legend. If you actually had one standing there talking to Luke Skywalker it would feel weird.

  3. Ah. I’ve had books 4-9 out from my library but never got around to reading them. All I know I read on Wookiepedia or a persuaded Vergere-Thrawn-Abeloth fan, my internet friend, to tell me.

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