Roundup: Speaking sense on the Episode VII rumors

Rumors. Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts discuss last week’s big scriptwriting development on the latest Full of Sith. Seems like Bobby’s being hearing the same things as McWeeny and Faraci. They speak sense, so listen and calm yourselves.

Meanwhile, on the weekend Harrison Ford scoop, Blue Sky Disney revives the “Han Solo gonna die” thing from early on.

Flashback. In the midst of all this, HuffPo’s Mike Ryan looks back at Leigh Brackett and her Empire Strikes Back draft. All this has happened before… And Tor digs up some of Carrie Fisher’s thoughts on Leia from the infamous beach blanket bingo issue of Rolling Stone.

Ugh. The Sarlacc got a mention on last week’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

2 Replies to “Roundup: Speaking sense on the Episode VII rumors”

  1. I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and the sarlacc thing just about made me do a spit-take. I actually didn’t mind the reference so much, but it would be seriously weird if they tried to wrap Star Wars into the plotline in any more serious way.

    Of course, the whole concept of Jafar in Wonderland is pretty freaking weird to begin with, and I’ve accepted that premise. sigh.

    1. I gave up on original-flavor Once fairly early on, so I mostly just boggle at the commercials. (Or catch the last 10 minutes before Revenge.) But I hope the Sarlacc thing is just a silly little nod, not a setup.

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