Solo’s box office is merely okay

It’s looking like Solo may be the first new Star Wars to lowball box office expectations. It’s taken in about $103 million domestically over the holiday weekend. The worldwide take is expected to be $148 million.

Spoilers the first: Solo’s fatal flaw is how it failed its female characters – agreed – and on the film’s most disturbing twist. (Which also puts a new spin on something from Empire.)

Spoilers the second: Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan explain the film’s big surprise cameo and, in the full interview, more spoilery choices.

→ Costume designers David Crossman and Glyn Dillon on the characters looks, and Art of author Phil Szostak on the film’s overall visual evolution.

→ Where were Tag and Bink? On the cutting room floor, sadly.

→ There’s an excerpt of Most Wanted, Rae Carson’s YA novel about Han and Qi’ra before the events of the film.

→ There may or may not have been an official annoucement that there will be a Solo novelization written by Mur Lafferty for a September release, but the only reports I can find are from Jedi News and Fantha Tracks. None of the official accounts have muttered a peep. So… Okay. Maybe. Whatever.

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