Ron Howard on Solo’s big cameo

To /Film, Ron Howard explains how that shocking Solo cameo came to be and whether a sequel is in the cards. Plus, the Kasdans on that choice and why Teras Kasi.

→ Hometown paper Chicago Tribune profiles cinematographer Bradford Young and how his childhood inspired his career and the lighting in Solo

→ Design supervisor James Clyne on reimaginng the Millennium Falcon.

→ Back to /Film for what the Art of book tells us about the story’s early iterations, including looks at options explored for Qi’ra and Drydan Vos.

→ Here’s another take on how Solo fails Val, L3-37 and even Qi’ra.

→ The Daily Dot’s Gavia Baker-Whitelaw on how Solo feels more like a tie-in novel than a movie, and how that may be why many moviegoers chose to skip it.

→ The Solo soundtrack is up on Disney Music’s Youtube, for anyone who wants a listen.

→ And finally, pronunciation games with the cast: