No, that Legends planet isn’t part of Rise of the Resistance

The planet mentioned during the Galaxy’s Edge’s new Rise of the Resistance ride isn’t Bakura after all: It’s an all-new planet, Pacara, Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin said on Twitter.

Bakura is, however, the planet mentioned recently on Star Wars Resistance and in the VR series Vader Immortal.

Bakura originates in the early Legends novel The Truce at Bakura. Published in 1994, right after Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy finished up, the novel by Kathy Tyers was a just post-Return of the Jedi story where Luke, Leia and Han help an Imperial planet defeat Ssi-ruu invaders from the Unknown Regions. (Did they succeed in canon? Matt implies that, but I’d hesitate to read too much into that part of the tweet.)

Hey, at least it’s not bathroom graffiti!