Rian Johnson actually talks about Episode VIII

Episode VIII director Rian Johnson actually said something new! For USA Today’s 2017 movie preview, he said that “a large part of the movie” will address why Luke is on Ahch-To and what he’ll do next, as well as Rey’s “realization that she has this power and this gift.” It’s not the most shocking of revelations, but it’s more than we’ve gotten in quite a while.

Want some (possible?) spoilers? Keep reading.

Some revelations regarding that first question may be (illicitly) answered by a few recent items from Making Star Wars. The first deals with some existing residents of the planet, and the second how they may relate to some things we’ve already seen.

MSW also has an item about a new type of TIE.

There’s also been that most tedious breed of rumor floating around, the possible celebrity cameo. This time, it’s Tom Hardy.

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