Report: Ron Howard reshot 70% of Solo

A new article on Solo from the Wall Street Journal mostly treads well-worn ground on the film’s behind-the-scenes director switcharoo, but it does have one new, interesting (if unconfirmed) detail: That Ron Howard reshot 70% of the film.

Within days, Ms. Kennedy hired Mr. Howard, who like her and Mr. Kasdan rose to filmmaking fame in the 1980s and ’90s when Messrs. Miller and Lord were children. Mr. Howard worked faster than his predecessors, sometimes reshooting scenes in a few hours that Messrs. Lord and Miller spent a whole day on, one of the “Solo” actors said. About 70% of the finished movie came from scenes Mr. Howard shot, another person close to the production said.

“Ron wanted to go back to the spirit of the original trilogy, while Phil and Chris were looking forward to something new, more like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ” this person said.

Original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller took executive producer credits on the film.