Realign your Modal Nodes: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #CloneWars tweets for Feb. 25 – Mar.3

@LWarren96: I've been singing the #CantinaBand song from #StarWars all morning, awkwardly humming and swaying. I think I need socialization.

Welcome to the internet, world! Last week, the president made a geek gaffe, The Clone Wars wrapped up their fifth season… Or was is it done forever? We still don’t know, but there are spoilery tweets within.

Best #StarWars tweets for Feb. 25 – Mar.3

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I’ve been singing the #CantinaBand song from #StarWars all morning, awkwardly humming and swaying. I think I need socialization.Lydia Warren
Cool C3POscar… given to Lucasfilm employees (this is Paul Matwiy’s) to commemorate 20 years of service. Bird
Ever try to convince two kids under 12 that Han Solo & Lando Calrissian are the best characters from the Star Wars movies? Good luck trying!Thom Bradford
New work security guard looks exactly like Joaquin Phoenix. Probably researching his role in Lucasfilm: The Movie. Hope @woodelijah plays meMatt Martin
Check out this Vader disco head in the very best bar in Newcastle @NO28_tweets #StarWars #DarthVader Who
If #StarWars is mostly about trade disputes, was Alderaan destroyed for copyright infringement or patent trolling?Security Humor
Is it just me or was Han Solo a little out of line going all "Then I’ll see you in HELL!" on that concerned Tauntaun stable boy?Dan Ewen

President Obama’s Jedi Mind Meld

I’m sure you heard.
The Prez was reaching for the right term, I could tell. Or maybe "Jedi mind meld" was a stab at fandom bipartisanship. #starwars #startrekJohn Jackson Miller
Don’t make fun of President Obama. "Jedi Mindmeld" was something J.J. Abrams wrote for Obama to say, obviously. It’s a thing.Rob Keyes
You’d be surprised how many Star Wars manuscripts I’ve seen mentioning photon torpedos and warp drives.Leland Chee
"A Jedi mind meld? Christ, why didn’t *I* think of that?!" – George LucasErik
"Warp speed, Mr. Solo!" #ObamaSciFiQuotesJedi Council Forums
President Obama’s mention of an Expanded Universe Jedi power clearly means that he will veto any reboot of the #SWEU. #StarWarsEric Geller
I spent hundreds of dollars and hours in my youth reading Star Wars Expanded Universe. Now I see it was all in preparation for this.Chris Peterson
A Jedi Mind Melt is what Taco Bell will be selling when Episode VII comes out.commandercacho
Obama got Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up. Oh well. I think he has more important shit to worry about than star wars and trek.ThatStevenC
Listen I don’t care at ALL that Obama is a fake geek girl.Joanna Robinson
Attention fellow nerds, Obama’s "Jedi Mind Meld" flub is not a big deal. He’s just trying to appeal to both parties #trekkies #starwarsDan Santat

Episode VII (and such)

They’re slowing. Clearly, we need a new crazy rumor
Billy Dee on being in new #StarWars: "Well I don’t know yet. They’re still writing it.. We’re also in the dark about it." #ECCCCole Horton
When #StarWars Episode VII comes out, all fans need to whip out their cell phones and play the @20thcenturyfox theme during the studio cardsDaniel McFadin
I want to see a Star Wars spinoff that’s just like ALMOST FAMOUS, but instead of Stillwater it’s the Max Rebo Band.Brandon Rohwer
I had a nightmare that I saw Episode VII and the star was the dad from License to Drive, Richard Masur, and it involved drag racing.Mike Ryan

The Expanded Universe

Working at home tomorrow. Taking some reading with me. Heddle
In my head, I keep turning ‘Zerba’ into ‘Zebra’. Oops. At least it’s not ‘Zorba’. #SWEU #ScoundrelsSpitfire
Reread Revenge of the Sith novelization by Matt Stover this afternoon for a writing project. It’s a #SWEU masterpiece.Tricia Barr
The Crucible blurb failed to impress…
At first the new Crucible blurb made me think we were finally going to have a nice, little regional conflict for a change. #SWEUKay
The new Crucible blurb is making me think of Waru. THE RETURN OF WARU!!!! #SWEUNanci Schwartz
The Clone Wars
I know I’m biased, but @MattLanter and @HerUniverse deliver truly brilliant performances in the CW season finale. #TryNotToCry #CloneWarsTracy Cannobbio
Saw the #StarWars @TheCloneWars S5 finale today. I’ve never admired Ahsoka Tano more. In fact, I respect her, completely.Doug Luberts
I guess they don’t have trial lawyers in #CloneWars. Ahsoka is being defended by by a senator and prosecuted by an admiral.Thom Willis
Wes watching the season finale of his favorite show. Not even blinking. #StarWars #CloneWars on @CartoonNetwork Forehand
The Jedi kind of look like jerks right now. Who wrote this episode, Karen Traviss? #CloneWars #SWEUAaron Goins
There’s a lot of walking in the massive Jedi Temple. Must be a pain to hit the restroom or get a snack. #clonewars #sweudavidesky2
#StarWars #TheCloneWars season finale was just Wow. I teared up, rejoiced, and became angry all throughout the episode.Hayley Skywalker
My brother’s reaction to this morning’s @TheCloneWars episode: "Sometimes we just have to walk away" He’s 4.Andrew Lupi
It’s scary how good the Clone Wars has gotten over the years. Kind of feel like George Lucas has redeemed himself to a degree.Justin Grimm
Huge kudos to @HerUniverse and @MattLanter for their performances. That last scene wrecked me. #clonewarsAmy Ratcliffe
Great finale! Glad Ahsoka wasn’t killed off. As a character, she will grow up out in the big universe and we’ll see her again. #CloneWarsRita Jean
I think the #CloneWars just delivered their best story arc ever with the Ahsoka Tano/season finale episodes.Patrick Hester
I haven’t seen #clonewars yet. But all I hear is the tears its caused. Hope no one spoils it.Unless the tears r for the line: "I hate sand."CV Whitfield
After that last episode I’m left wondering why the hell Luke wanted to rebuild the Jedi Council to mirror the last Council.Brian
I don’t understand why #StarWars fans would want the Clone Wars series to end on any note other than the one just played.Paul Ens

Star Wars life

If you listen very carefully, you can hear George Lucas weeping.
I think I’m subconsciously always trying to dress like Han Solo in Empire. Not sure what that’s about, but I’ll take it…_bSilversun Pickups
Made a Princess Leia snow woman today with the boys #ilovemybrothers #starwars Younger
You know it’s a geek house when your 3yr old is shouting "NO I DON’T NEED A BATH, I NEED GENERAL GREVIOUS" #starwars #clonewarsSarah Pickles
So I think now with Disney buying Star Wars my daughter’s "Lightsaber" in now canon right?


Joan Rivers was just cast as C-3PO in the new Star Wars. Bill Pullman will be playing Han Solo apparently.Bailey Jay Show
I bet fires are a big problem on Kashyyyk. All that wood and hair.Scott Weinberg
If you think #IKEA using horse meat in their Swedish meatballs is bad, DEFINITELY don’t ask what McDonalds makes the McRib from. (It’s Ewok)Death Star PR
What I’ve learned today:Never. Ever. Tweet ANYTHING about Star Wars.Troy Baker

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