Poll: Your thoughts on Fate of the Jedi: Omen

omen-horizSo Christie Golden’s first foray into the GFFA and the second book of the latest series has been out for nearly a week now… Time to put up the book poll.

But first, here are a few reviews from out and around the web: TheForce.Net staff, EU Cantina, Big Shiny Robot, Starlog, Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review, and NJOE. Or get down with the unwashed masses at the TFN Lit’s official review thread. I haven’t read any of them yet: I won’t until after I do my own review in a few days, so forgive me the simple listing.

Weigh in yourself with the mystical power of click beneath the cut.

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One Reply to “Poll: Your thoughts on Fate of the Jedi: Omen

  1. Back in the day Outcast and Omen would have been one story (Book). Looking at my shelf with 100 plus books these LOF books are tiny.

    Good first Starwars book by a Trek author. She has done her homework.

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