Poll: Your opinion on Death Troopers

They went for the Karrdes first.

Well, it’s been a week, and though my copy is still in the bag, I’m sure many of you have finished it by now. (James has — and writes about it on his Livejournal — but considering the forensic evidence, above, he may not be trustworthy.) Register your vote below the cut.

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6 Replies to “Poll: Your opinion on Death Troopers

  1. Picked it up yesterday evening and finished it very, very early this morning. Good, quick read that benefits from it’s smaller page-length in most respects. I would have liked to see the virus explored a little bit more though, if only to clear up some of the confusion that arises around it from the little bits of (occasionally contradictory) information that we do get, but otherwise it was a thoroughly enjoyable zombie story.

  2. there’s going to be a prequel? woohoo!

    @Bonnie – i enjoyed your interview, although i’m glad i read the book prior to reading your interview… too much spoilery stuff!

    @Jawastew: i don’t think they bit me, i just decided to blend in so they didn’t realize i wasn’t infected.

  3. Honestly, it seemed like the same premise for thousands of other horror novels: ZOMBIES!!! A bit of a scientific twist, but they could have done something truly original! EVERYONE uses zombies. You’d think a fictional universe as big as StarWars could have come up with something better. Still, it was an alright book. Meh.

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