One Reply to “Geocities to close October 26”

  1. Heh, didn’t check dates and accidentally posted in your April thread. So what follows is what I originally posted there:

    Holy cow, this is a sobering and saddening milestone. GeoCities was *the* place for putting content on the Internet back in the day. Sure, a few people had Tripod or Angelfire or Virtualave sites, but most of us were on Geocities. I signed up for my (now long-defunct) site there on April 1st of 1998.

    When GeoCities went public, they were the first stock I ever purchased of my own volition, which I rode through their purchase by Yahoo! and the Web boom and bust. At the time, I had faith in their product and their future.

    Of course, the advertising on the site soon got out of hand, and when they disallowed off-site linking, I finally bailed and moved my site to Freeservers (also now long gone). Geocities continued its drift downhill, but it never went away, and some sites that I’ve visited for over a decade managed to endure there. It will be a shame to finally see them vanish.

    To GeoCities. The Web won’t be the same without you.

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