Poll: Will you go see The Phantom Menace in 3D this weekend?

So Friday sees the release of The Phantom Menace 3D. Drew McWeeny praises the conversion, and his kid loved it (and he has a funny story about being banned from Skywalker Ranch.) Coming Soon’s Chris and Benjamin Mason were “blown away” by the conversion, though Richard Gray of The Reel Bits is less impressed, calling it “disappointing” and “murky.” But it’s The Phantom Menace, so of course the reviews are mixed.

In any case, our pal Bryan Young really wants you to see it. Others… Not so much. (I’m debating, but… Well.) Of course.

But the real question…

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22 Replies to “Poll: Will you go see The Phantom Menace in 3D this weekend?”

  1. I have tickets for Friday (Darth Maul glasses) and Saturday (podracer glasses).

    Even without giveaways, I’m pretty excited about it. Although I’m wondering if I’ll need dramamine during the podrace….

  2. 1. I’m an unemployed student. I only go see movies when I get enough Air Miles for a free pass. Right now I’m saving up for the Hunger Games.

    2. I own TPM on DVD.

    3. I dozed off during the podrace when I saw it the first time it came out in theatres.

    4. I hate 3D because the glasses never fit properly over my real glasses.

    5. I’ll definitely go see the original trilogy though.

    *snark* :)

  3. I’m not down on the 3D re-releases, but it costs $17.50 to see a 3D movie at my local theater. So I might try to catch AOTC and ROTS in 3D, but I’m probably giving TPM a pass.

  4. Bringing my 9-year-old son and looking forward to it. He hasn’t seen a Star Wars movie on the big screen (not counting The Clone Wars).

  5. I said yes. For me, it will actually be going again, this time with my brother. It’s already out here and I went this morning.

    I’m no fan of 3D but it wasn’t headache-inducing this time. It gave more depth to the movie almost throughout, this 3D was less in your face than you’d except from 3D, more subtle. Which I like! However, I thought the colours suffered and it was dark. My Blu-Ray definitely looks prettier in that regard.

    I’d say it’s worth it if you love TPM and if you want to see SW on the big screen again. Otherwise, I don’t think the 3D brings much. It’s a different visual experience and there are things I noticed I didn’t before, despite many viewings.

    So I’ll go again to see it this way one more time, but if it’s ever released on 3D Blu-Rays, I wouldn’t buy it, even outside of money consideration, because I prefer more luminosity and more defined colours over depth.

  6. Of course I will! I already have my tickets for the midnight showing, and I’ll be returning on Friday morning with some friends. I may or may not go again later in the weekend. ;)

  7. I’m going to do everything I can to go this weekend. The lame times that local theaters offer make it challenging though (nothing before 1pm on weekends). I don’t want tired eyes at a 3D movie at midnight so I’ll probably have to wait until Saturday to go as Friday is booked up. But I’m not passing up any chance to see any Star Wars film on the big screen. No brainer there.

  8. Going with my son and it will be his first SW on big screen (Clone Wars don’t count). Looking so much forward to it, even though it’s Phantom Menace ;-P

  9. Depends if I find someone to join me. The thing that creeps me out is that damn podrace. It was boring enough in 1999, but then GL had to make it even longer. Now if they were re-releasing Ben Hur in 3D… ;-)

  10. Already have tickets for Saturday!

    Funny thing is that there’s a clerk at a local grocery store who knows I’m a fan and has been talking all about it… he’s got tickets to the midnight showing, for another showing on Friday and another showing on Saturday. Apparently, he’s planning to enjoy it! (And I though *I* was a big fan.)

  11. I’ll be there! Going to see the midnight release on Friday morning by myself (I’ll come say Hi,Bryan Young). Then I’ll be taking the kids on Friday afternoon. I’m excited to be able to take the kids to see Star Wars on opening day in the theaters.

  12. I’m going Thursday night and Saturday for sure. Then I will probably go with my family. So I’ll be seeing it three times for sure.

  13. I bought Riley and I new lightsaber and ordered the anakin pod racing glasses for us since we don’t have an amc. I’d love the toy, but alas…

    I hope she likes it, her first prequel and first one on the big screen.

    I saw tpm way too many times in 99, have barely watched since then. The commercials have me excited reminding me of parts I’d not thought of in a long time. And I’m a qui-gon fan, love to see him again.

    My life has changed a lot since then. It will be interesting o see how my perspective may have changed.

  14. I’m really, really on the fence about it. Despite not being a very good Star Wars movie, it does have an oddly sentimental draw for me that the other prequel films don’t…but I kind of hate 3D movies and there are a lot of other, NEW films that I would rather spend my money on right now.

  15. It’s STAR WARS. ’nuff said. The ONLY film actually worth seeing in the theater. With guys AND girls.

  16. Saw it at the UK press screening at the Empire Leicester Square in London and LOVED it! Great conversion, colours popped off the screen, the sound was awesome (although the big screen at the Empire is pretty much the best screen in the UK) and the kids in the audience loved it.
    I saw the film with the UK Star Wars crew (Paul ‘Ralph McQuarrie.com’ Bateman, Jonathan ‘Star Wars Insider’ Wilkins, Jamie ‘Raiding the Lost Ark’ Benning, Dave ‘Palitoy Archive’ Tree, Matt ‘Automattic Comics’ Booker and James from Jedi News. Pretty much 100% priase for the 3D version and most of us are planning to go and see it again soon.
    Oh, and Anthony Daniels was there to MC the event, which is always fun!

  17. I saw it. It was spectacular. The 3D always respected the shot composition. It was never cheap about the 3D. It was insanely consistent. I can’t wait to see it again.

    The Anakin 3D glasses are kind of annoying. I recommend not using them if you can help it.

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