Poll: What do you think of Ahsoka’s new look?

New character models for Ahsoka and Anakin debuted in Friday’s ‘Heroes on Both Sides.’ (We’ve been told that Obi-Wan also got one, but he hasn’t appeared yet beyond the promo.) But the guy’s outfits really aren’t what anyone has been talking about…. Now that you’ve seen her in motion, what are your thoughts on Ahsoka’s makeover? Answer on the sidebar or beneath the cut.

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6 Replies to “Poll: What do you think of Ahsoka’s new look?”

  1. It’s okay. Not what I personally find ideal, but better than her previous outfit.

    I agree with clonewarsfan– that whole bit where she asked Lux to take a look at her was so….am I allowed to say Mary Sue?

  2. I noticed Palpatine sported some new robes too in that episode. You go you fashion-forward Sith.

  3. Only prob is when did she switch to duel lightsabers, and when do we see her use them? Anakin looked more Revenge of the Sith…..

  4. I liked the look fine – loved the episode too – and makes sense as we creep through the timeline towards Revenge of the Sith. Bottom line – she’s not a kid anymore, she’s a typical teenager who suddenly has a growth spurt and thinks she’s ‘all that’. Loved that ‘|Mary Sue’ scene, especially her reaction to his reply, very funny.

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