Poll: Weigh in on Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

The triumphant return of not only Fate of the Jedi, but our book polls! No doubt you’ve been looking forward to it. (Okay, maybe not the poll.) In any case, the fourth Fate of the Jedi book, Allston’s Backlash, came out last week, so now it’s time for you to cast your vote. Head below the cut to play (and don’t forget to check out Erika’s review!)

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5 Replies to “Poll: Weigh in on Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

  1. I’m waiting for my bookstore to actually stock it. It’s been a week now, and it still hasn’t hit the shelves.

  2. i just got the american version through amazon uk. The cover is a bit more snazzy with embossing and UV varnishing.

    First 15 pages seem good though. I have to say I read a comment through here about Zekk and Taryn just suddenly being reintroduced (or introduced in Taryn’s case) There is the briefest of explanations to Zekk’s return etc. Shame the book that would have covered this was cancelled. Why one wonders?

  3. My problem with Zekk & Taryn as a couple is that they come out of left field. Even Han and Leia are surprised and confused.

    We never did get to see their romance so to me, it’s weird and unexpected. “Here’s a new couple!”

    While we do get a BRIEF explanation, my point is LucasBooks kind of goofed this one if the reason we don’t get to know more is due to one of the cancelled books.

  4. I totally agree, I haven’t read that far yet but its a bit poor that the book got cancelled and so presumably we’ll never get to read that story. LAME!

    I don’t mind the lost tribe stuff as I felt it was explained enough in the series (and they will be releasing a book) but just having a random gap in what has been a fairly important character in recent times is just poor.

    Though there is an entry in wookeepedia about taryn with an image so she may have been in a comic etc.

  5. Taryn was in the last novel of the Legacy of the Force series. One of the Hapan twins assigned to help Ben on Shedu Maad.

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