Poll: Do you believe there will be a sequel trilogy?

Now bastion of fanboy ‘journalism’ Harry Knowles is claiming that a sequel trilogy has been in the works all along. Poor Lucasfilm… They just can’t win for losing, huh? (And their poor PR people, having to handle it on a Saturday!)

In any case… Do you believe IESB? Answer below the cut or on sidebar.

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5 Replies to “Poll: Do you believe there will be a sequel trilogy?”

  1. I’m so very torn! If it’s a really good trilogy, it’ll be great see more Star Wars. If it’s a really bad trilogy, it’ll just concrete the general belief that nothing good will ever come out of Lucasfilm again.

    But I picked “I won’t be fooled again”. These rumors always appear, and I doubt Lucasfilm would start working on a movie now when they’ve got the 3-D trilogy to worry about.

    (What ever happened to “Red Tails”?)

  2. I think there will be more films some day. It’s really proven to be a robust franchise, and I think Lucasfilm is going to keep capitalizing on it. Maybe it’ll be after Lucas’s time, but I think it will happen eventually. And I’m pretty sure it will utterly ignore the EU.

  3. I think at this point, if they wanted to make new movies, they’d have to jump on the reboot bandwagon before attempting sequels. The mismatch between the OT and PT was jarring enough, and they didn’t have to re-cast all the main characters.

    Not that I’m jonesing for LFL to do a reboot. I might be interested in seeing what a completely different creative team would do with it, but LFL did their version just fine the first time.

  4. I picked “Do not want” not because I don’t dream of another trilogy, of course I do, but because I think it would make mincemeat of the already messy EU. And while I don’t exactly love EU I can’t see a reboot being much better… I don’t think I could stand seeing so much blod and tears being spent for nothing…

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