Poll: Let’s vote more women into the EU spotlight

Nomi Sunrider / Tales of the JediI don’t know if it’ll work, but we can certainly try. While the novels thus far have mainly featured Leia, Jaina, and Mara (with varying results) it looks like the field may be widening for female protagonists who aren’t major movie characters, married to major movie characters, or children of major movie characters. (And is Padme really persona non grata for EU fans?)

Still, it’s been confirmed that we’re finally getting a Nomi Sunrider novel, and fans are betting that the ‘holostar’ novel from Reaves and Bohnhoff will feature Wynssa Starflare. Which leads us to our next poll…

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  1. Ventress is neat and I base that mostly on the way she exited the EU (in Obsession). I’d like to know what happens to her during the Dark Times.
    And I also voted “Other”, specifically: Jedi Master Fay (who died at the hands of Ventress). Call me a sucker for the Tolkieneque, but Fay is another character that deserves more EU spotlight.

  2. I agree that many of those women need more attention (Mon Mothma, Iella, Tenel Ka, Winter, Mirax, Shada, all those wives) but I’d love to see the Clone Wars girls get more attention too, Aayla, Shaak Ti, Adi Gallia.
    But mostly I want to see Aurra Sing. I was so excited when she showed up in the Legacy of the Force book, and now that really piqued my interest in her.
    (Ideally I’d love to have another SW Bounty Hunters game dedicated to her, but that’s not going to happen.)
    – izi

  3. Clearly I’m obsessed because I wanted to pick four. ::grin::

    I think Winter is all sorts of wonderfully mysterious. And while part of her allure is her mystery, you can tell there’s a lot there.

    Iella is just a fun character. But I only want her in the right author’s hands.

    And I would actually like to see Padme’ in a better light.

  4. I voted for Mothma and Mirax because it’s a sure thing that each had plenty of adventures we’d otherwise never hear about. And Amidala needs something that doesn’t include her being rescued by a Jedi or a droid.

  5. Shada, definitely Shada. So much potential, and practically ignored. I also voted for Mirax (both in her own right and as a sneaky way to potentially get more Mara, since we saw basically nothing about their time working together) and other: Moranda Savich. I absolutely love Moranda, and I really wish we could see more of her.

    I’d also love to see more Mara/Leia/Jaina (in that order) if only they were written properly – but in my currently cynical state, I doubt that such is even possible any longer. I personally am not interested at all in anything further about Tenel Ka; she bores me to tears and always has. While I like Mon Mothma in general, the only part of her life I’d be interested in seeing any more of is her youth in the Senate – I could see someone like Zahn or Stackpole or maybe Luceno expanding on that believably.

    Beyond that, I’d honestly be interested in seeing more of any and all on that list, even the ones I’m not particularly fond of, like PadmĂ© and the handmaidens and Asajj (who, btw, had a bit of an appearance in Yoda: Dark Rendezvous). Even though I’m not intrigued by what I’ve seen of them onscreen, there’s an awful lot of their lives that we haven’t seen anything of that has the potential to be very interesting in the hands of the right author. I’d also love to see more about a lot of other female characters: Jarael, Deliah Blue, Morrigan Corde, Aayla Secura, Scout, Depa Billaba, etc. There are a lot who deserve much more of the spotlight than they’ve so far gotten.

  6. I’d like to see all the interesting things Padme probably got up to whenever the Anakin and the cameras left. Mon Mothma and the inter-trilogy Rebellion could be interesting. Handmaidens because… well, why not? Surely a bunch of highly trained politicians/bodyguards/Queen look-alikes would have had some interesting intrigue and adventure between TPM and AotC.

    I’d also probably look at something about Leia’s early years in the Senate running her “mercy missions,” but I can also see how that could end up really badly.

  7. I like Maris Brood, so I wrote in “other.” Galen let her go and she missed Order 66 so technically she’s still out there.

  8. I’d love to see more women in general in the EU: while there are some great female characters, they’re distinctly outnumbered by all the male ones! Also there aren’t enough books that *focus* on the women, even major characters like Leia.

    Most of all, though, I want to see more of JAINA. She’s my all-round favourite character, regardless of gender, but for a member of the Solo-Skywalker family she isn’t the central character in anywhere near enough novels (discounting the admittedly excellent Young Jedi Knights series).

    I’d also love to see more Tenel Ka, and characters like Mirax, Iella and Winter are always great to read about. Also, building up the character of Syal Antilles would be nice (and I hope that holostar book *is* based on her namesake) – and I hope Allana gets treated well when she’s old enough to be a major character.

    Mostly, though… more Jaina, please!

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