Pick a winner for the Death Troopers trailer

Suvudu has posted five finalists for the Death Troopers fan trailer, and now it’s our turn to have a say. Which one stands out for you? (Check back later this evening for my pick.)

2 Replies to “Pick a winner for the Death Troopers trailer”

  1. The first trailer on the list, by theNonchalantNod, is the clear best, I think. It makes me interested in the book, while the others are just corny fan videos.

  2. Yeah, that first one is far and away the best. I kind of like the one with all of the kids though, partly because the one with the stogie can chew scenery like a Busey, but mostly because the now-grown junior film-maker in me likes to see that sort of thing. One of those kids has a parent who’s either super supportive, or super exploitative.

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