Not the breasts you’re looking for

Best post this while I’m still sober.

This morning was seminars… I only showed up for my own. Sorry. Then we headed over for the Episode III presentation with Mary… a last minute replacement for Steve Sansweet, VERY good. No revelations if you paid attention to all the Comic Con press and/or a Hyperspace member, but very much worth seeing. And Mary ROCKED.

Afterwards we spoiler sluts headed the the con suite to discuss spoilers and speculation. DIE PADME DIE. It was very civil. Really!

Now we’re hanging out on Dagobah, awaiting the closing ceremonies of the Galactic Games. It’s kinda dark… Stupid sexy mood lighting.

And they begin.


So last night I set up a 9 a.m. wakeup call for today. This morning the phone rings, my roomates (fellow Darkside Padawans) groan, and I stumble to the shower. I’m thinking, “I wish I were dead. Why am I so tired? Maybe I don’t want to learn how to infuse liquor this morning…” But I got in the shower. I did my hair and went back into the room to grab my makeup bag — and looked at the clock.


Some bitch ordered a 7 a.m. wakeup call and LET ME TAKE IT.

Someone will DIE!


Okay, my first JadeCon blog…and it’s mostly about what it takes to get me off a comfortable seat at JadeCon. James is only alive because Deet and I lacked the motivation to get up and cross the room to strike him down. But GA Sean promises a video involving Winnie the Pooh music and Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I can summon the energy. This is a sad commentary.

But hey, I’m a Luser. I can be proud of that.

Galactic Games Final Results

But for tomorrow night’s Closing Ceremonies, it’s all over here at the Galactic Games in Indianapolis. The final medal tally has the Vegetrian Spank Inferno leading the pack with 5 total medals (3 Gold and 2 Silver), the Vinyl Team with 5 medals (1 Gold and 4 Silvers), the Lusers with 2 medals (both Gold) and the APG with two medals (1 Gold and 1 Silver). The medals for events are as follows:

GOLD: Tom, Trina & Sam – Vegetarian Spank Inferno
SILVER: Susan Ruby, & Caroline – Vinyl

GOLD: Derek – APG
SILVER: Liz – Vegetarian Spank Inferno

GOLD: Luci – Lusers
SILVER: Beth – Vinyl

GOLD: Kim & Caitlin – Lusers
SILVER: Cindi & VJ – APG

GOLD: Susan – Vinyl
SILVER: Trina – Vegetarian Spank Inferno

GOLD: Blu – Vegetarian Spank Inferno
SILVER: Bobbi – Vinyl

GOLD: Aaron – Vegetarian Spank Inferno
SILVER: Beth – Vinyl


Best Performance: Vinyl, “Wish They All Could Be Little Vinyl Men”
Best Technical Merit: APG, “Mom’s Chat”
Best Rendition of “We Are The Champions”: Vegetarian Spank Inferno, “We’re on the Dark Side”

Derek & Shane, APG

DRINK UP ME HARDIES, YO HO (aka Make Jessa a Drink)
Rach – Lusers – “Tea with the Imperials”

Congratulations to all the athletes who won, because we know that it’s all about winning, so the losers (or Lusers!) can piss off!

Vegetarian Spank Inferno RULES!


It took six drinks, but I FINALLY have a buzz! Apparently, the drinks I tried were VERY low in alcohol content. I’ve rectified this…Death Sticks have done the job. Heh.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid

Club Jade scares the gamers. The aforementioned boat race was a huge hit with the gamers. Tim kept making comments to those who stopped to stare at us as we carried a cardboard boat into the convention hall. “It’s raining a lot. We’re starting to get worried.”

On a lighter note (or maybe not) we really miss everyone who wasn’t able to attend. The level of snarkiness just isn’t the same without you all here.

A big hello to you all! And have a drink in honor of those of us drinking here in Indianapolis.

Jessa’s Bar

At this very moment, we are witnessing the drinks created for the competition. Rach’s drink is to be served with clones, er scones, with clotted cream. More later, but tragically the Bailey’s is gone. We must secure more for the bar for tomorrow!

Galactic Games Medal Count

Rain could not dampen the spirits of the Galactic Games athletes as the Games officially opened today at Military Park in Indianapolis. As of this time, the medal count stands as follows:

Vegetarian Spank Inferno: 3 Gold, 2 Silver
Vinyl: 1 Gold, 4 Silver
Lusers: 2 Gold, 1 Silver
APG: 2 Gold

The Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho is beginning as I type. The Filk Off will be later this evening. I’ll update the medal count later.

Go Veg Spank Inferno! :)

To those less fortunate

Greetings and salutations from the con suite. (Con suite- why does this sound like a french food term, incidentally?) We’re watching cartoons and drinking. All in all, it looks to be a very good sort of night. It will be an especially good sort of night if I manage to make it back to my hotel room under my own power. I did not achieve this level of verticality and mobility last night, much to my shame, having to be escorted home by friends.

Anyway, having a lovely time, wish you were here, only not really, as there’s no place to sit anyway. Okay, wish you were here maybe a little bit. If you had your own chair.