Comic Book Movies.. of the FUTURE!

I saw Spiderman 2 this week… In short? It was a good comic book movie but I really wanted to slap Peter Parker around. The non-action parts (and Kirsten Dunst) completely failed to pull me in. But the Spidey fans seem to like it.

Some comic-book news has surfaced: The first picture from Electra, featuring Jennifer Garner’s character from the flop Daredevil. There are also new pictures from Halle Berry’s Catwoman and Batman Begins – Christian Bale! Liam Neeson! Gary Oldman!.

And apparently Hayden Christensen is being considered for Daredevil 2. Run, Hayden – run FAR away. This is one used leather suit you don’t want to fill.

Taking the Long Way Round

Considering that Episode 3 still has some additional shooting, many people were more than a little nervous that Ewan McGregor had decided to take a trip around the world on his bike.

Good news. He’s still alive. And there’s a website tracking their progress in the build-up to the upcoming television show and book.

Kinda makes you want to hit the road, yourself. If only there wasn’t that lack of hotels….

Save the Libraries!

Last year, popular journaler Pamie (also an author and TWOP Recapper) learned that the Oakland Public Library, short on budget, put up an Amazion Wish List so that friends and patrons could purchase new books for them. She wrote an entry about it, and the news spread – and more than 600 books found their way to Oakland.

This year, Pamie is sponsoring the San Diego County Public Library – they’ve already past the hundred mark in a matter of days. Spread the word!