Novel Announcement: Labyrinth of Evil

In January we get Labyrinth of Evil, a novel featuring Anakin and Obi-Wan that leads directly into the opening on Episode 3. (Note: link contains visual spoilers for Ep3.)

It’s by James Luceno, who seems to be becoming the new KJA – at least as far as quantity goes. Even I really can’t insult any of the NJO authors by comparing them to the quality part. (Not even R. A. Salvatore! Well… maybe.)

Emperor’s Hand back in comics?

Mara Jade is coming back to comics in Empire. According to Randy Stradley of Dark Horse, she’s set to star in issue #28 of the ongoing series. Issue #28 would come out in January 2005, so the information is still quite tentative at this point. Previous comic storylines involving Mara are By The Emperor’s Hand, Union, and a handful of short appearances in the early issues of Star Wars Tales.

Also in comic news, the next issue of Star Wars Tales (#21) starts with an overhaul of the book with a new editor and format. Hopefully this doesn’t mean an end to the humor and offbeat stories, which is (IMO) the main reason to pick up Tales. Detail-oriented fanboys are NOT the only Star Wars fans, Dark Horse!

And you thought SW fans were crazy…

Quite possibly the freakiest fandom story ever has made it into mainstream media with Hobbits gone wrong, a cover story into Portland’s Willamette Week. It’s an odd story of LOTR ‘charity’ fansites, Sean Astin, a missing person, and a whole lot of waylaid cash.

The article provides a good overview – an more details can be found at fwgreatesthits, an ofshoot of the fandom point-and-laugh community fandom wank.

Wil Wheaton, take me away

Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher, intergalactic intern, on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was hated, he was loved. He went to bootytown. And then Wil grew up, and moved on, and actually has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

He has a weblog. This is strictly old news to most of the internet — he swept the Bloggies in 2002 with a total of 6 awards, including Best Weblog.

What’s new? He has a book: Just a Geek.

And I think it’s okay to appreciate Wesley. Even if it’s only a little.