EU Mysteries Revealed: Luke’s horrible hair

If there’s one thing that Episode 3 previews have taught us, it’s that fashion moves at a snail’s pace in the galaxy far, far away. This happens to explain something that’s been bothering EU fans since Union:

What the hell is up with Luke’s hair?

Finally, we have an answer! It may be more than a decade after Return of the Jedi, but GFFA fashion is still on 1987:

For shame!

3 Replies to “EU Mysteries Revealed: Luke’s horrible hair”

  1. 1987…an interesting year for hairstyles.

    It’s actually quite a bold move. Most men wouldn’t go for the combed back look for fear of revealing their hairline inadequacies. I say it’s all a statement.

  2. Bad bad hair…I guess only ‘Captain Scruffy” or his kids get good hair – the Master of the NJO, no he has perpetual hat hair – without the hat! I guess it would be bad to say “Use the FORCE”

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