Gross prejudice against buns

Behold! The Jedi mullet!Leia and Padme (twice!) make Yahoo’s list of the Worst Hairstyles in Movies, along with a certain poncy elf, Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, Halle Berry’s Storm, and a lot of ironically-coiffed folks from Frat Pack movies.

But what’s missing? The Padawan Mullet! While Padme had some weird hair, it’s not every day you run into a style that can fug up Ewan McGregor. Or how about Luke’s toddler do from Return of the Jedi? Man, I need to stop thinking about this, or I’ll be editing this post all day.

EU Mysteries Revealed: Luke’s horrible hair

If there’s one thing that Episode 3 previews have taught us, it’s that fashion moves at a snail’s pace in the galaxy far, far away. This happens to explain something that’s been bothering EU fans since Union:

What the hell is up with Luke’s hair?

Finally, we have an answer! It may be more than a decade after Return of the Jedi, but GFFA fashion is still on 1987:

For shame!